My name is Piet Lammers; I am a PhD student in mathematics in the probability group of the University of Cambridge. My PhD supervisor is James Norris. I am also a Foundation Scholar of Queens’ College. In 2018 I visited Martin Tassy at Dartmouth College to work on a joint project.

Before starting my PhD, I studied at University College Utrecht in The Netherlands, where I obtained my BSc, and I completed Part III of the Mathematical Tripos in Cambridge.

Research. My current research is focussed on random height functions. A height function is (as I study them) an integer-valued function on the vertex set of a predetermined lattice graph, such that the discrete derivative of the function satisfies certain predetermined conditions. The set of height functions is usually infinite, but it can be made finite by forcing appropriate boundary conditions. Once the set of height functions is finite, one can study the uniform probability measure on this set — this is precisely what I do.

Getting in touch. Please feel free to contact me (e.g. by email) at any time!


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